Digital Transformation Case Study

What does a high value EA Team do during a Digital Transformation? The digital transformation case study shows how an effective enterprise architecture team delivers useful advice and drives successful change.

Learn the value proposition of a high-functioning EA Team

Develop the useful enterprise architecture incrementally

Digital transformation has many questions that need answering

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Case Study

Digital Transformation Questions

Answering a broad questions about where are we going immediately leads to questions about how to make the journey. Good EA teams need to support the change

Role of Enterprise Architecture in Digital Transformation

Learn how to translate the common statement that digital transformation needs enterprise architecture into doing successful digital transformation

Building an effective Enterprise Architecture Team

Require the right action

Effective EA Teams take accountability for transformation benefits. It's just another way of saying architecture governance.

Digital Transformation Case Study

Digital Transformation Case starts with a question from a new System Reliability Engineer to the Chief Architect:

“What is your EA Team going to do in this modern agile world?
Will you even be able to help?”

The answer is the value proposition of enterprise architecture - providing useful advice on how best to change and driving the change to reach the destination.

By the time we hired the SRE, we were already deep into the Digital Transformation Roadmap. The newly hired SRE was establishing a required capability.


Advice and action

Good EA teams advise about possible change. Work through potential outcomes and changes with stakeholders. Drive change by taking accountability for benefits.

EA Value in Digital Transformation

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