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The EA Team Purpose checklist helps you find the best design for your EA Team. Every EA team exists for a purpose. That Purpose defines the kinds of work you should support.

An EA Team's purpose aligns with the kinds of decisions your stakeholders want supported.

Find where your EA team generates the most value.

Identify where your organization will find value

Identify engagement model challenges

Identify weaknesses in your EA Team

Find your EA Team Purpose

What you will learn

What Stakeholders will value

Stakeholders are the best customer for an effective EA Team

What Sponsors will Value

Sponsors drive change. Learn what they need from your EA Team.

What Implementers will Value

Implementers deliver the new organization. Learn what they need to succeed.

What your Boss will Value

Every EA Team needs to serve the boss, potential stakeholders, sponsors, and implementers in that order.

Successful EA Team's Serve Their Purpose

One of the most successful EA teams we set up was for an oil company. Over decades, as the price of oil and the company’s revenue wildly swung, this team stayed in operation. This team thrived because they serve the senior stakeholders making investment decisions.

The EA Team was within the IT organization. Most IT implementers considered it useless. This EA Team did nothing for IT Implementers. It didn't look at interfaces, or worry about technical details.

This team supported portfolio decisions. They helped senior executives know what work that was needed in the lean years. They helped prepare for the next boom.

One of the most successful EA teams we set up was for a firm undergoing a digital transformation. During the transformation, the leaders needed different support. This team thrived because they kept re-inventing themselves.

The digital transformation started with bigger questions. Then it needed to execute. As the journey progressed, the EA Team needed to be moving ahead of the next question.

This team supported the critical decisions. They helped senior executives to pick a path and assess success. They helped sponsors drive portfolio and project change. They helped implementers avoid the twin traps of just for today and delaying for perfection.

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