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Success stories

High functioning EA Teams deliver. They regularly deliver. Have a look at success stories. Adopt the things that work. Do your part to professionalize enterprise architecture.

Download EA Capability Reference Architecture

Every EA Team is unique. Every EA Team is consistent. We base every EA Team on the Navigate EA Capability Reference Architecture. Speed up establishing and enhancing your unique EA Team. Deliberately configure your EA […]

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True Life EA Webinar: Agile COVID-19 Response

True Life EA Webinar: Agile COVID-19 Response Learn from a real-world case study of an Agile Covid-19 Response. How an enterprise architecture team led an agile enterprise  response. The major corporation not only survived but […]

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Download Agile Enterprise Architecture Case Study

Download the Agile Enterprise Architecture Case Study to see an example developing an EA Capability and useful architecture at the same time. Conexiam Consulting uses time-boxed engagements that develop your in-house enterprise architecture team. Every […]

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Download Using Reference Architectures for Digital Transformation

Using Reference Architectures for Digital Transformation improves the speed and quality of developing enterprise architecture. We aggressively use reference models to speed-up our work. We know we are engaged to develop an enterprise architecture to […]

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TOGAF Phase H – Applying Agile

TOGAF Phase H – Applying Agile The TOGAF Phase H objective is awkward. What it means is that you need an activity assessing value and risk information. Then you need to be able to react. […]

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We are asked to tell stories. How do we develop successful EA Teams? What high-functioning enterprise architecture teams do? How do they do it?

Here we have success stories.

We also have crash and burn stories. Stories about enterprise architects and teams that fail. If you see these practices, stop! Stop now!

Be a better enterprise architect

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Practical foundation of Conexiam's TOGAF examples

Conexiam Navigate

Conexiam Navigate Best practice enterprise architecture ensures that the central questions the business needs answered are in focus. To achieve tight focus ruthlessly minimize the information gathered, analyzed, stored and maintained. We must maintain every […]

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Predictable Enterprise Architecture

Predictable Enterprise Architecture Conexiam has established a sound practice of developing architecture predictably. We adapt Kanban knowledge manufacturing and agile practices to enable predictable enterprise architecture. We base kanban knowledge manufacturing on known deliverables and […]

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