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The SOA Practical Guide supports optimizing an EA Team's method to support an architecture based on services, which mirror real-world business activities, comprising the enterprise business processes.

Building an enterprise architecture around services, business and information services, supports enterprise agility. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) isolates activity allowing different services to be changes with minimal enterprise impact.

Use of the Architecture Development Method to develop Service Oriented Architectures

Adoption of SOA-specific maturity models

Adoption of SOA-specific governance requirements

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SOA Practical Guide Includes

Adapting the TOGAF ADM

Adapt the TOGAF ADM to deliver a specific style of architecture development

SOA Governance

How to adopt SOA-specific architecture governance requirements

SOA Maturity Models

How to apply SOA Maturity Models to architecture development

Update Architecture Mets-model for SOA

How to adapt your architecture meta-model to support SOA

SOA Practical Guide

The SOA Practical Guide focuses on services. A service is a logical representation of a repeatable business activity. They have a specified outcome (e.g., check customer credit; provide weather data, consolidate drilling reports, etc.).

  • Is self-contained
  • May be composed of other services
  • Is a “black box” to consumers of the service

Adapts the best practice practices for the development, management, governance, and adoption of enterprise architecture specifically to SOA.

The Guide provides specific information on the adaption of TOGAF to develop SOA. This Guide is written for EA Team Leaders. It is a good example of configuring TOGAF. The advice is useful for enterprise architects seeking better understanding of developing an optimal target architecture.

SOA Practical Guide Cover

Download the SOA Practical Guide

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