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The SABSA Whitepaper the method for developing risk-driven enterprise information security and information assurance architectures. SABSA is an open standard, comprising several frameworks, models, methods and processes.

SABSA is free for use, with no licensing required for end-user organizations who make use of the standard in developing and implementing architectures and solutions.

SABSA Whitepaper

At the heart of the SABSA method is the SABSA Model, a top-down approach that drives the SABSA Development Process. This process analyses the business requirements and creates a chain of traceability through ‘Strategy & Planning’, ‘Design’, ‘Implement’ and ongoing ‘Manage and Measure'.

Framework tools including the SABSA Matrix

SABSA Business Attributes Profile

Traceability to preserve the business mandate

SABSA Metamodel

SABSA Whitepaper Includes


Top down approach that drives the SABSA Development Process

SABSA Lifecycle

Strategy & Planning, Design, Implement and ongoing Manage and Measure

Top to Bottom Traceability

Ensure the business mandate is executed

 SABSA Business Attributes Profile

Central technique to classify and assess priority

SABSA - The Security Architecture Standard

The SABSA Institute develops and publishes SABSA, and the SABSA whitepaper. The SABSA Institute envisions a global business world of the future, leveraging the power of digital technologies, enabled in the management of information risk, information assurance and information security through the adoption of SABSA as the framework and methodology of first choice for commercial, industrial, educational, government, military and charitable enterprises, regardless of industry sector, nationality, size or socio-economic status, and leading to enhancements in social well-being and economic success.

SABSA and Navigate

Start with the SABSA whitepaper. It will provide a solid introduction. Then follow the Conexiam consulting recommendation and gain SABSA certification. SABSA provides industry leading best-practice to TOGAF's essential scaffolding - Integrating Risk & Security in to TOGAF. SABSA provides a detailed method for developing security architecture. In fact, we integrated SABSA's risk model and the Business Attributes Profile techniques into Conexiam Navigate. Security architecture is a cross-cutting domain.


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