Download the Enterprise Architecture Practitioner's Guide

Download the Enterprise Architecture Practitioner's Guide. TOGAF provides stable guidance for enterprise architects. The Enterprise Architecture Practitioner's Guide takes illuminates how to stable best practice and deliver useful enterprise architecture.

Speed your journey to being a better enterprise architect.

EA Purpose and Business CycleDownload the Practitioner's Guide. TOGAF provides essential scaffolding for enterprise architecture. The Practitioner's Guide takes universal concepts and illuminates how to use them to deliver enterprise architecture.

Consistent guidance for EA Practitioners. Practical, every-day use of the TOGAF framework. We built the Practitioner's Guide around the reality that enterprise architects serve different purposes.

We use TOGAF. We use TOGAF as a framework, not a cookbook. It is a framework of essential concepts. This point is important for EA Practitioners putting TOGAF to use.

The Practitioner's Guide

Download the Practitioners GuideThe Practitioner's Guide takes TOGAF universal concepts and applies them to four standard purposes of for developing enterprise architecture.

Organizations examine change in terms of

  • strategy
  • portfolio
  • project
  • solution delivery

You can download the Practitioner's Guide directly from the Open Group TOGAF Library.

Primary Audience for the Practitioner's Guide

We wrote the Practitioner's Guide for Enterprise Architects. We balance the advice between how you will approach your duties and what support you should expect from your EA Team.

What happens next

  1. Download the Enterprise Architecture Practitioner's Guide
    A Practitioners’ Approach to Developing Enterprise Architecture Following the TOGAF ADM (Open Group G186)
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Download the EA Practitioner's Guide

The EA practitioner's Guide uses stable proven practices. For example, in Section 5.1 - What to Expect in a Well-Run Architecture Repository, we translated our Avolution ABACUS implementation of Conexiam Navigate, and SharePoint into a description aligned with TOGAF's EA Repository model.

You will have different tools, but you need to understand what a compliance assessment is, and where you will use one to refresh a Portfolio Architecture.

Our proven Predictable EA Capability approach to building an EA Team and delivering high-quality enterprise architecture was converted to the Practitioner's Guide.

Download the Enterprise Architecture Practitioner's Guide today.

Going further than the Practitioner's Guide

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