Download the Enterprise Architecture Practitioner's Guide

Download the Enterprise Architecture Practitioner's Guide. TOGAF provides stable guidance for enterprise architects. The Enterprise Architecture Practitioner's Guide takes illuminates how to stable best practice and deliver useful enterprise architecture.

Speed your journey to being a better enterprise architect.

Focus on delivering useful enterprise architecture

Practical guidance to TOGAF as an EA Framework

Direct support for the type of architecture you need to deliver

Enterprise Architecture Practitioner's Guide

Download the Enterprise Architecture Practitioner's Guide

Best Practice use of Method, Tool, and Technique

Develop useful enterprise architecture by aligning with the type of change you support - strategic, portfolio, project, or solution delivery

Consumable Best Practices

Illustrate how to use the universal concepts in the TOGAF Standard to deliver useful enterprise architecture.

Enterprise Architecture focus on Stakeholders

We focus everything on serving stakeholders. Help them make better decisions and govern change.

Written by Architects for Architects

Practical, every-day guidance for enterprise architects to improve their organization

Download the Enterprise Architecture Practitioner's Guide

TOGAF provides essential scaffolding for enterprise architecture. The Practitioner's Guide takes universal concepts and illuminates how to use them to deliver enterprise architecture.

Consistent guidance for EA Practitioners. Practical, every-day use of the TOGAF framework. We built the Practitioner's Guide around the reality that enterprise architects serve four different purposes.

  • Architecture to support Strategy
  • Architecture to support Portfolio
  • Architecture to support Project
  • Architecture to support Solution Delivery


The EA Practitioner's Guide uses stable proven practices that you apply to your circumstances. For example, we use an Avolution ABACUS implementation of Conexiam Navigate with SharePoint for deliverables. We translated our exact tooling into a description aligned with TOGAF's EA Repository model. Section 5.1 - What to Expect in a Well-Run Architecture Repository, will help you build a complete architecture repository using your tools.

We brought the universal concepts of the TOGAF Standard to life. For example, we all know you need a compliance assessment is, the EA Practitioners' Guide shows where you should use one to refresh a Portfolio Architecture.


As a TOGAF Series Guide, A Practitioner's Approach to Developing Enterprise Architecture Following the TOGAF ADM is part of the TOGAF Standard. It is the industry's best practice to develop an useful enterprise architecture.

TOGAF Series Guide - Enterprise Architecture Practitioners' Guide Cover

Download the Enterprise Architect Practitioner's Guide

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