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Download Seven Levers of Digital Transformation below. Learn the levers. Gain control of successful outcomes on your Digital Transformation journey.

Seven Levers of Digital TransformationEach of the seven levers of digital transformation is a different aspect of digital transformation. In order to succeed, you need to adjust each of the levers. Digital Transformation has a checkered experience - wild success or no clear value realization. The most common cause for poor value realization or failed projects is the inability to re-articulate corporate strategy or its implication accurately.

All Seven Levers need to be engaged to amplify the returns.

  • Lever 1 - Business Process Transformation
  • Lever 2 - Customer Engagement and Experience
  • Lever 3 - Product or Service Digitization
  • Lever 4 - IT and Delivery Transformation
  • Lever 5 - Organizational Culture
  • Lever 6 - Strategy
  • Lever 7 - Ecosystem and Business Model

Seven Levers - Impact of skipped LeversThe Seven Levers build upon each other. In our Digital Transformation consulting, we ensure thinking traverses the Seven Levers.

When you do not control the Seven Levers, you have a negative impact in your Digital Transformation. Each lever has a different impact.

You can also download Seven Levers of Digital Transformation from the Open Group TOGAF Library.

Primary Audience for the Seven Levers of Digital Transformation

We wrote Seven Levers of Digital Transformation for Enterprise Architects and Senior Leaders. It provides a focused guide on how to approach Digital Transformation. The advice is useful for enterprise architects seeking to guide their organization through a Digital Transformation.

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Download the Seven Levers of Digital Transformation

Without connecting other parts of the organization, return on technology dollar will always fall short of projected value.

Download Seven Levers of Digital TransformationDigital Transformation is highly interconnected. It starts with leadership and strategy and permeates to every process and employee. Unless the interconnected nature of products, services, technologies, and environment is understood, benefits will fall short of projections and expectations. This document is about creating an awareness about this interconnection; an awareness that would result in creating value for the enterprise and its customers. It is about framing the problems we are solving before decision-making.

Build a well-governed and innovative path to reach a positive outcome at each stage of change.

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