Download the EA Team Leader's Guide

Download the Enterprise Architecture Team Leader's Guide. Without deliberate configuration, you are hoping random action will build an optimized complex business capability.

Start building an effective EA Team!

Identify the purpose of your EA Team and design to deliver expected value

Customize your EA Team's deliverables

Build effective enterprise architecture models

Touch-points with key planning processes

Enterprise Architecture Team Leader

Every EA Team

Uses the same concepts
Not the same technique, not the same template, not the same process.

Just the same concept

Using Reference Architectures for Digital Transformation Includes

Best Practice EA Team Design

Identify the impact of your organization's strategic position and ecosystem on your EA Team. Clarify any special considerations for your EA Team.

Align to EA Team Purpose

Optimize your EA Team to support Strategy, Portfolio, Project, or Solution Delivery.

Simplify work practices, EA deliverables, and EA Repository

Align all work to your purpose and business cycle. Use touchpoints with key planning processes to customize EA deliverables. Standard stakeholders and concerns will drive your analytic and enterprise architecture models.

Establish Enterprise Architecture Governance

Ensure that Architecture Governance oversees architecture development and directs implementation of the enterprise architecture.

Download the EA Team Leader's Guide

The Leader's Guide takes universal TOGAF concepts. It breaks apart the TOGAF ADM Preliminary Phase into a broad set of questions. Your answers drive the actionable guidance on building the right EA Team for your organization.

The Leader's Guide brings the concepts and generic constructs in the TOGAF framework to life.

Develop the EA Team your organization needs

The EA Team Leader's guide uses the comprehensive and consistent guidance for EA Leaders to design their EA Team developed by Conexiam Consulting. The Leader's Guide foundation is based on the Navigate EA Capability Reference Architecture.

We use TOGAF as a framework, not a cookbook. It is a framework of essential concepts. EA Leaders use TOGAF as a framework to design their EA Team.

As a TOGAF Series Guide, The TOGAF Leader's Guide to Establishing and Enhancing an EA Capability is part of the TOGAF Standard. It is the industry's best practice to establish an EA Team.

TOGAF Series Guide - EA Leader's Guide Cover

Download the Enterprise Architecture Team Leader's Guide

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