Sample Lesson | Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF & Navigate

Getting to Value | Stakeholders & Tradeoff

This module explores what makes up good architecture. In this lesson, we explore the highest value of facilitating trade-off with stakeholder.

Do the work. Architect for your stakeholder against their concerns.

Just do it!

Lecture Notes

Once you know the stakeholders and concerns.

  1. Start with the Lead Concern
    • Optimize the change to the primary Concern
      For example, optimize for resiliency.
      What must change for resiliency? Not how do I improve resiliency given a static system, what must change?
  2. Move to a secondary Concern
    • Add changes to your current state to address the Secondary
    • Explore conflict between the Primary & Secondary
    • Take the conflict to the stakeholder. Get a trade-off discussion and get a choice.
  3. Repeat through the other Concerns

Changes that do not address a Concern do not belong

The simple model above over-engages a stakeholder. Do your homework before you engage with a stakeholder.

Course Materials

  • EA with TOGAF & Navigate Course Slides
  • EA Repository
    Available as an HTML EA Repository and an ABACUS Project File

    • HTML EA Repository
    • ABACUS Project File

Going Further

Where to get help

Email us
We are happy to answer any questions.

Avolution ABACUS

We use ABACUS.
Any good EA Modelling tool with an adjustable content meta-model can be used. You can ask Avolution for a demonstration copy of ABACUS that will work with the course ABACUS project file.

The HTML file is the same as the ABACUS project file. It does not require a modelling tool. It is just read-only.

Learning objectives in this lesson

Lesson Summary

In this lesson on Good Architecture, we cover

Stakeholders & Trade-off

    1. Performing Trade-off
    2. Identifying Stakeholders

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Practical Exercises


  • Basic functions: Navigation, Catalog & Matrix


  • Thinking about Modelling
  • Exploring a Reference Model

Problem Statement

  • Why are you in the Room?

Stakeholders & Concerns

  • Who is your Stakeholder


  • Manage the repository

Capability Based Planning

  • Overall change required

Risk & Security

  • What can derail our plans


  • Modelling Choices

Information Systems Architecture

  • What is changing


  • Diagrams

Planning & Recommendation

  • Recommend the Target


  • Merge & Diff

Case Study

  • Case Study Introduction
  • Case Study Foundation
  • Our Problem Space

We base the case study on a Conexiam consulting engagement. The case study shows how we use ABACUS to support best-practice Enterprise Architecture.

We align case study with Architecture to support Project

The case includes the output of NA Construction's Architecture to support Strategy & Architecture to support Portfolio.

The exercises show practical use of Navigate and the TOGAF Body of Knowledge within the TOGAF framework's essential scaffolding.

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