Practical Enterprise Architecture Training

Practical Enterprise Architecture Training is aimed at what you need on your professional development journey.
Every enterprise architect needs different professional development.

What do you need on your professional development journey today?

Personal EA Kickstart

Free 12-week program. Based on our Predictable EA engagements developing high-functioning teams of enterprise architects.

The first 30-days what it means to be an Enterprise Architect

  • Why are you in the Room?
  • Attributes to be a successful enterprise architect
  • The work enterprise architects do
  • Who enterprise architects work with (Stakeholders, Subject Matter

The middle 30-days what work we do, when we do it & who we work with.

  • Enterprise architecture team purpose & the business cycle
  • Architecting: Models, Analysis, Trade-off, & Documentation
  • Target's that resonate & succeed: Concerns & Views
  • Governance - approval of your architecture. Constraining Implementation

In the Last 30-days develop specific skills

  • How to understand your enterprise architecture context
    5-Why, Business Model Canvas, Kaplan Strategy Map & Reading an Annual Report
  • Critical Thinking & Analytic Rigor
  • Work Habits - Get it Done

Practical and immediate improvement

Every week has a message to read and a short webinar.

Be a better architect. Start today with the free Personal EA Kickstart.

EA with TOGAF and Navigate From the outside it looks impossible. Regular, predictable delivery of powerful enterprise architecture. Stakeholder engagement.

We do it. Every day. With industry standard TOGAF as a framework.

Prepare yourself to deliver useful Enterprise Architecture.

Hands-on exercise-centric training on delivering powerful enterprise architecture.

Case study includes populated EA Repository and Conexiam Navigate templates.

Start learning today with Enterprise Achitecture with TOGAF and Navigate

TOGAF 9 Accredited Training Course TOGAF Certification is simple. You need to pass The Open Group's exams. TOGAF Certification shows that you know the TOGAF Standard.

We focused our training programs on busy architects. On-line, on-demand TOGAF 9 Training Course provides support for passing the TOGAF Certification Level 1 & Level 2 exams.

Our accredited TOGAF 9 Training Course includes 365 days of access to Conexiam's high-quality, self-help Enterprise Architecture community and 365 days of access to instructor-led online classes.

We spend over half of our time developing enterprise architect teams. Providing proven method to establish high-functioning enterprise architecture teams.

We can craft support ranging from DIY using our free resources to an accelerated Predictable EA engagement to develop your team.

We provide a layered approach to developing your team

Have a look at Developing your team of enterprise architects

Send us an email we are happy to talk.

Learn how to do enterprise architecture

Across the board, we recommend you start learning today with Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF and Navigate.

We developed the course to training our in-house team, and the enterprise architects we develop on contract.

Be a better architect

Next, we recommend the free Personal EA Kickstart. Be a better architect

Improve Risk & Security

We don't deliver SABSA Training. We recommend SABSA Courses for their SABSA. They don't train everywhere in the world, so you may need to use one of the other SABSA trainers. They are all excellent.

Manage your career

TOGAF Certification is helpful for career development. It is the right thing to put on your resume.

Why Conexiam for Enterprise Architecture Training?

Bluntly. Because we know what we are doing.

Enterprise architecture isn't mystical. It is predictable. It is practical.

We have placed our approach and tools in the open. We regularly place our demonstrated approach through peer review. Open Group publishes our approach as part of the TOGAF® Body of Knowledge. You can download and read it.

Enterprise Architect's Guide

Download the Enterprise Architect's Guide a TOGAF Series Guide on developing useful enterprise architecture.

Who teaches for Conexiam?

With an on-line, on-demand model we are able to leverage the best.

Our online instruction is delivered by Dave Hornford, Conexiam's Chief Instructor. Take the free Personal EA kickstart, Dave teaches it. Take the on-line Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF & Navigate, Dave teaches it. Buy a Predictable EA - Enterprise Architect Team development engagement with custom training. Dave teaches it.

Our training is consistent. On-point. Delivered by someone who lives the challenge of delivering powerful enterprise architecture and developing high-functioning teams of enterprise architects.

Don't take our word for it. Watch. We have the Agile Enterprise response to COVID case study. Look at the TOGAF 9 Training Course sample, or the TOGAF case study. Or the Open Group's YouTube channel. Sign-up to the free Personal EA Kickstart.

No surprises.

Be aware, he can be a theoretical. He thinks about method, framework, concept, and essential scaffolding. Ask and he'll draw a straight line from the benefits conversation to architecture governance, through concerns and views to the properties on the model. Then send you a couple of HBR articles.

Or, ask about a real-world example. He's been doing this for 30 years. There will be a real-world example.

Dave is active in our professional enterprise architect community. He served several terms as Chair of The Open Group Architecture Forum. He serves on the SABSA Institute Board of Directors.

We're proud of our ability to develop enterprise architects. Like we said, we leverage the best. We want to help you be a better enterprise architect.

Why On-line and On-demand

Simple. We are all busy.

On-demand training lets you control the pace. Learn when you want to. Review any section as many times as you want. Skip past what you know.

Come-back and review something in a month or two.

We use on-line, on-demand training in-house. We use it in our Predictable EA engagements. We use it because it works.

Practical Enterprise Architecture Training covers what you need - hands-on method & skill, being a better architect, or TOGAF certification training.

EA Capability Reference Architecture

Download the EA Capability Reference Architecture. Foundation of establishing a high-functioning enterprise architecture team.

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