SABSA Domain Modelling Webinar

SABSA Domain models simplify risk architecture for all enterprise architects. Learn to develop SABSA Domain models. Use these to simplify your stakeholders' decision making and ensure good architecture governance. Clarifies who expects benefits and owns the downside.

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Learn how to simplify decision making

Learn to cluster benefit & cost for risk management

Learn to transition SABSA's security architecture method to enterprise architecture use

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SABSA Domain Modelling Webinar

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SABSA Domain Modelling Webinar

The SABSA Domain Framework helps you identify the real decision maker and isolate risks. Like other modeling methods, SABSA Domain models simplifying reality. The simplification lets you analyze and explain your organization. Collapse the levels, organization, geographies, and role. Clarify the web of interactions and inter-dependencies.

SABSA Domain models visualise risk ownership, governance and policy ownership. When building a SABSA Domain model, use clear boundaries. Keep the core of the model constant. A model based on product stays with the product. It doesn't drift to process, then department. Every Domain is a point of decision authority. That authority controls how the Domains trusts, policy, and risk appetite.

Risk Architecture is about upside, benefit, downside, risk, and uncertainty. Enterprise architects are accountable for managing risk of the change. We change our organizations to gain an upside. We change our organizations to dodge a downside. We reduce the uncertainty of reaching the improvement objective.

Enterprise architects are accountable for including risk and security in everything they do. Good enterprise architects will use established practices like SABSA's Domain models to improve their enterprise architecture.

Security architecture is a cross-cutting concern. It is the only architecture domain that requires the other domains.

SABSA Domain Modelling for Enterprise Architects Webinar

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