Why Get a TOGAF Certification

8 Reasons to Get a TOGAF® Certification in 2021

Has there been a better time than the present to reinvent oneself? Whether you’re continuing to work from home or the office or are on a break, consider investing your time and resources in new and meaningful educational opportunities. Learning or developing novel skills would help open the doors to a promising new career. For those of you interested in IT architecture, The Open Group Architecture Framework or TOGAF is a great certification to equip yourself with in 2021. 

But what is TOGAF certification? For the uninitiated, the TOGAF standard is a high-level framework or developmental method used by enterprises for designing, planning, implementing, and governing enterprise information technology architecture. It guides the enterprise software development process through an organized and systematic approach to design. Conexiam explores some compelling reasons to get a TOGAF certification.

Why Opt for a TOGAF Certification?

A TOGAF certification is a highly affordable and valuable certification by companies across the globe. It adds great value to the designing of IT infrastructure as it ensures extraordinary quality, cost efficiency, and timely delivery, among other things. Here’s why a TOGAF certification would add great value to your resume in 2021:

1. Easy Start with No Pre-Requisites

No pre-requisites or qualifications are needed to get certified in TOGAF architecture, as opposed to other types of diplomas or certificates that have specific prior requirements. As long as you have the determination and inclination to learn, you can sign up for the course and take exams for the certification. So all you have to do is begin – as simple as that!

2. Two-Level Approach

The TOGAF certification exam consists of two stages: foundation and certification. This staged approach makes it easier for individuals to gain knowledge in two phases. They can acquire the basic level knowledge first and then proceed to build on it by advancing their learning. 

3. Affordable Certification

Other types of courses and certifications can prove to be expensive. However TOGAF certification is quite cost-efficient in comparison. The foundation exam costs only $320. But if you want to save money you can sign up for both the exams for a total of $495. The exact cost for training for TOGAF certification preparation naturally varies by institute. However when selecting the course, go for quality education instead of opting for the least expensive option – treat it as an investment for the future.

4. Rising Demand for the TOGAF Enterprise Architecture

AS TOGAF ensures an organized method for planning and designing IT technology and architecture it enjoys increasing demand among enterprises of varying types and sizes. As such companies across the globe are always in need of TOGAF certified individuals to manage their IT infrastructure and align it with their business objectives. Get a TOGAF certification and seize the opportunity to get placed with top tier organizations, banks, or hospitals that are actively searching for qualified candidates.

5. Expertise in a Common Language

Certified professionals are well versed with the terminology of the TOGAF architecture enterprise framework, which provides a common platform to effectively communicate their ideas and requirements with one another. The knowledge and expertise also helps them identify business needs early on and closely collaborate with others to meet them.

6. Lucrative Opportunities

The high demand for enterprise architecture professionals naturally leads to great remuneration packages. The salary for certified beginners may be more than $80,000 and of course increases with more experience. Thus a TOGAF certification is not only fruitful for expanding one’s knowledge and competency but also opens the path to a lucrative career.

7. Higher Capability to Meet your Company’s Requirements

The TOGAF framework aims for exceptional quality IT technology and infrastructure with a reduced probability of errors, higher cost efficiencies, and that too within the scheduled timeline and budget. It’s hardly a surprise then that companies worldwide value certified individuals who can help them meet their business objectives. With the acquired knowledge, you can help your organization sustain itself with a multi-faceted approach that includes increasing profitability, lowering costs, improving quality, and minimizing the time taken for project completion. 

8. Build or Enhance your Managerial Skills

Besides technical expertise, a TOGAF certification makes an individual well-versed in managerial knowledge and skills. Since planning and designing IT infrastructure involves managing diverse aspects, it offers a great opportunity to build and enhance their managerial effectiveness, increasing their suitability for future managerial roles.

Take the First Step towards a Promising career in IT Architecture 

Are you ready to spearhead your career with a TOGAF certification? Conexiam’s training services include enterprise architecture development for individuals as well as teams, through hands-on development and mentoring delivered through the online portal. Start preparing for your TOGAF Certification today!

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