Avolution ABACUS Training

We provide Avolution ABACUS training from hand-on enterprise architects. Training is covers the mechanics of using Avolution ABACUS as well as how to develop best-practice enterprise architecture.

Practical Avolution ABACUS

We use Avolution ABACUS every-day We take advantage of ABACUS'  is rapid information capture and analytic support.

Our Avolution ABACUS Training is either delivered a custom course or our premiere Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF and Navigate class. Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF and Navigate courses focus on how to deliver enterprise architecture using ABACUS.

Custom Avolution ABACUS Training

Custom courses focus more on how-to and will align to using ABACUS (ABACUS Studio, ABACUS Enterprise, ABACUS Designer, ABACUS Simulator) or a specific problem like Roadmap development.

How to use ABACUS

Training focused on enterprise architects using ABACUS studio. Learn the mechanics of developing formal models and performing analysis.

How to configure and maintain ABACUS

Training focused on configuring your enterprise meta-model and content framework.

We use Avolution ABACUS

We use Avolution’s ABACUS because it is the most effective EA analytic tool and EA Repository we can find.

Conexiam leverages our Predictable EA consulting for custom enterprise architecture training.

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Learning to use Avolution ABACUS

We recommend learning to use ABACUS with practical exercises that reinforce lessons on the mechanics of ABACUS.

Mechanics of Avolution ABACUS

  • Basic ABACUS functions
    • Navigation inside a project
    • Using Catalog & Matrix
  • Foundation of Formal modelling
  • Using Reference Models & Reference Architecture
  • Manage the ABACUS EA Repository
    • Governing Creation of Enterprise Architecture
    • Managing multiple states (Current, Candidate, and Target)
    • Exploring potential change
  • Visualizing your architecture
    • Diagrams
    • 3-D Images
    • Graphs

Practical Exercises

  • Problem Statement & Stakeholders
    • Identify the problem enterprise architecture must address
    • Use superior architecture to govern your current work
  • Capability-based Business Architecture
    • Identify Gaps that must be filled in a Capability-improvement
  • Information Systems Architecture
    • Fill the Information-systems component of the capability gaps
  • Risk & Security
    • Identify and mitigate security & threats
    • Remove uncertainty on reaching objectives

Learning to deliver architecture with Avolution ABACUS

We use a case study approach in Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF and Navigate. By exploring a case study students develop a solid target architecture and roadmap that address strategic and tactical requirements of a set of stakeholders.

Avolution ABACUS Training on Reporting We pre-populate an ABACUS project file. We energize our enterprise architecture development by using formal models and analytics to deeply understand the interactions between the components of the enterprise. Students use the formal models to analyze the case. Limited time is spent developing formal models.

You receive a license to continue to use all Conexiam Navigate tools used in the course

Standard Case Study

In the standard case study we explore Architecture to support Project in the context of an architected portfolio and architected strategy. The student sees architecture governance in practice.

The case study can readily be adapted to develop the strategy or the portfolio.

Avolution ABACUS Training Modules

Out of the box ABACUS training in Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF and Navigate. Direct Avolution ABACUS Training on the mechanics of using ABACUS. Reinforced in all the case study exercises.

Module 3

ABACUS 101 | Basic functions: Navigation, Catalog & Matrices

Unit 1 ABACUS 101 | Basic functions: Navigation, Catalog & Matrix

Module 6

Navigate Introduction

Unit 1 Architecture Modelling - Formal & Informal
Unit 2 Navigate Meta-model Structure

Module 7

ABACUS 102 | Meta-models & Navigate

Unit 1 ABACUS 102 | Meta-models & Navigate

Module 17

ABACUS 103 | EA Repository Management

Unit 2 ABACUS 103 | EA Repository Management

Module 23

ABACUS 104 | Modelling Choices

Unit 2 ABACUS EA 104 | Modelling Choices

Module 25

ABACUS 105 | Diagrams, Charts & 3-D

Unit 2 ABACUS 105 | Diagrams, Charts, and 3D

Module 29

ABACUS 500 | Merge & Diff

Unit 2 ABACUS 500 | Merge and Diff

Our premiere course Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF and Navigate is available with ABACUS training. The course includes several lessons focused on ABACUS use and uses models maintained in ABACUS for all exercises.

Be a better architect

Learning to use Avolution ABACUS is one part of being a better enterprise architect. In our EA Capability development we have identified a consistent set of skill we mentor enterprise architects.

Free 90-day enterprise architect kickstart program. Be a better enterprise architect. Start today.

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