Why we use Avolution ABACUS

We use Avolution ABACUS for enterprise architecture modelling and as our EA repository. We build Conexiam Navigate and all Navigate Atlases in Avolution ABACUS.

ABACUS supports an analytic approach to enterprise architecture. Enterprise architects who analyze a system will understand how to change it to meet a set of goals. ABACUS supports better architecture development.

Avolution ABACUS structure

We love ABACUS' ability to construct a custom content meta-model. The foundation of good enterprise architecture is being able to support your stakeholders to make better decisions. In order to do that, your enterprise architecture team has to gather and analyze information that applies to the changes being contemplated.

There is no best architecture model. The idea is ludicrous. A government agency undergoing a digital transformation has unique problems. So does a mature manufacturing organization improving the agility of its supply chain.

Avolution ABACUS Training

Our premiere course Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF and Navigate is available with ABACUS training. The course includes several lessons focused on ABACUS use and uses models maintained in ABACUS for all exercises.

Navigate Meta-model in Avolution ABACUS

We wanted Navigate to be flexible, and to minimize information management. A significant trap for many enterprise architecture teams is gathering more and more information.

We took advantage of ABACUS' flexible structure and add extensible Navigate Atlases, like Navigate to support Portfolio, which add components, relationships, and properties to support additional information gathering and analysis.

Being a better architect

Being a better isn't about tools - its about focusing on value, time management, and delivery. Our free 12 week personal EA Kickstart uses Predictable EA mentoring.

ABACUS Information Reporting Architecture isn't the Diagram

High functioning enterprise architects analyze a system to see where the deficiencies come from, where they have levers to change.

Their enterprise architecture is useful while it is being developed, and after the stakeholder approves it. Stakeholders can see where the system can be improved. The impact and work required. They can see choices.

Diagrams are one tool for a talented architect.

Many graphical-oriented architecture tools drive the architect into trying to analyze a system through pictures. Architecture analysis by diagram is a failure path.

Frankly, the picture rarely changes between current and target. In order to show any change you need to drop lower and lower until you are at system design. Years ago removed several million hours of labour by customizing an SAP module. The current state system diagram showed SAP. The target showed the same SAP modules.

Tables Drive Analysis

Value Chain Assessment Catalog Avolution ABACUS drives an analytic approach through tables and properties.

In the project that saved millions of hours, we specified the business capability target state as 'fully automated.' This business architecture specification drove a gap into the information systems architecture. After all, the current implementation of SAP included manual steps. The module was deficient and needed to change.

No nonsense about general architecture principles like 'no customization.' We had a gap in the business architecture, and systems architecture. The system implementation had to change. The test for the change wasn't to reduce labour, it was to eliminate labour.

Simple and clear. We could govern the project.

Avolution ABACUS Ecosystem

ABACUS' analytic toots allow us to leverage standard software for data gathering and some analysis. ABACUS Catalogues can be imported and exported to Microsoft Excel.

By linking ABACUS to Excel, Avolution gets the best of both worlds. They reserve their development for things that do not exist in Excel. They enable high functioning EA Teams to leverage Excel's data manipulation and data management features. Even better, Avolution's design choice allows us to off-loading of these tasks from enterprise architects.

Besides the ubiquitous Excel-round-trip ABACUS Enterprise lets us create a webpage to publish and edit architecture information.

Avolution ABACUS Training

Our premiere practical on-demand training course EA with TOGAF and Navigate using ABACUS teaches ABACUS through delivering high-quality enterprise architecture.

ABACUS Training Modules

Module 3

ABACUS 101 | Basic functions: Navigation, Catalog & Matrices

Unit 1 ABACUS 101 | Basic functions: Navigation, Catalog & Matrix

Module 6

Navigate Introduction

Unit 1 Architecture Modelling - Formal & Informal
Unit 2 Navigate Meta-model Structure

Module 7

ABACUS 102 | Meta-models & Navigate

Unit 1 ABACUS 102 | Meta-models & Navigate

Module 17

ABACUS 103 | EA Repository Management

Unit 1 ABACUS 103 | EA Repository Management

Module 23

ABACUS 104 | Modelling Choices

Unit 1 ABACUS 104 | Modelling Choices

Module 25

ABACUS 105 | Diagrams, Charts & 3-D

Unit 1 ABACUS 105 | Diagrams, Charts, and 3D

Module 29

ABACUS 500 | Merge & Diff

Unit 1 ABACUS 500 | Merge and Diff

Avolution ABACUS Training

We deliver Avolution ABACUS Training. Either focused on the mechanics of using or configuring Avolution ABACUS or within our practical EA with TOGAF and Navigate using ABACUS.

ABACUS Training

On demand ABACUS training

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