Download Business Architecture Capability Assessment Guide

Download a Business Architecture Capability Assessment Guide. Capability-based planning is one of the most powerful business architecture improvement techniques. Best practice of capability-based planning uses capability as a management concept to facilitate planning and executing improvements in the ability to do something useful.

Best practice capability-based development uses attributes to measure the improvements that matter.

Standard assessment criteria

Standard scoring method

Develop better business architecture

Business Architecture Capability Assessment Guide

Download Business Architecture Capability Assessment Guide

Use a solid reference model

Use reference models to provide consistency and speed to your business architecture development.

Extend your thinking

Good business architects use attributes and scores to simplify the complexity of business change.

Improve the Quality of your Business Architecture 

Your organization is unique. So is its business architecture. Using a standard taxonomy allows  you to focus on where your organization must excel, and your  unique opportunities and threats.

Be a Better Business Architect

The best enterprise architects use tools to speed their delivery and improve the quality of their delivery. Free enterprise architecture resources help you deliver on the value add.

Download Business Architecture Capability Assessment Guide

Trade-off typically involves attributes that have a negative influence on each other. The most straightforward example is the tension between the efficiency of a robotic assembly line with the agility of craft manufacturing.

Scoring provides the stakeholder with a language to make a trade-off. Trade-off involves relaxing one attribute while holding another or to identify the architecture’s keystone. Where are stakeholders are unwilling to make trade-offs, we are identifying the critical components that everything in the architecture must support. We have the keystone in the architecture.

Good capability-based planning will use a set of these attrobutes:

  • Performance State - How complete to best-imagined capability is desired
  • Efficiency - How much output we get for a unit of input
  • Fitness - How well the capability aligns with expectations
  • Automation / Repeatability - The level of automation (where systems do the work) or repeatability (where the work is done production-line style)
  • Agility - The level of unexpected change the capability must be able to adapt to
  • Maturity - Strict CMMI Maturity assessment – the ability to manage and control the capability
  • Operating Model - Is it Unified, Replicated, Coordinated or Diversified
  • Performer - Who delivers the capability – internal, division, partner, vendor

Download Business Architecture Capability Assessment Guide

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