Download EA Capability Reference Architecture

Download the EA Capability Reference Architecture and speed up establishing and enhancing your unique EA Team.

Design your EA Team for success.

Every EA Team is unique. Every EA Team is consistent. We base every EA Team on the Navigate EA Capability Reference Architecture.

Hands-on practical quick-start to a high-functioning EA Team. Conexiam's EA Capability consultants used the Navigate EA Capability Reference Architecture as the foundation for the TOGAF Series Leader's Guide.

EA Capability Reference Architecture to establish a high-functioning EA Team

Conexiam EA Capability Reference Architecture Cover

EA Teams are dynamic and need their capability to deliver before their organization’s need for support is at hand. The depth and breadth of EA Capability operations evolve. High-functioning EA teams adapt to the change facing their organization. In fact, the frequency of the need to create different architecture deliverables varies.

We cover five broad topics.

  • Positioning Enterprise Architecture
  • EA Capability Reference Architecture
  • Selection of an organization’s EA Team's Purpose
  • Techniques for assessing the EA Capabilities required for EA Team's Purpose
  • Building an optimal EA Team capability-based improvement roadmap

EA Capability Reference Architecture

There is no best EA Team design. Nor one optimal structure or approach. There is an organizational specific requirement to address. The fungibility of EA techniques allows leading practitioners to support different problem spaces. An unfortunate by-product is casual observers and practitioners pigeonhole the EA Team to the purpose they have seen. This is just like assuming the sales team of an enterprise business-to-business organization is the only sales team design. The implicit assumption that every organization has the same problem and priority is wrong. Design your EA Team to serve your organization.

Enterprise Architecture Capability Model

Going further than the EA Capability Reference Architecture

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Download the EA Capability Reference Architecture

Conexiam's consultants aggressively use reference models. We are always looking for a way to speed up the delivery of better architecture. The best reference models are comprehensive. With a comprehensive model, you can be confident of complete coverage. You use the model to focus on optimizing the target. Understand the gaps. Finally, develop the capability-based improvement.

We couldn't find an EA Capability Reference Architecture, so we built one. We included the basics of the model in TOGAF Series EA Team Leader's Guide and the TOGAF Series Architecture Practitioners's Guide.

Download the complete EA Capability Reference Architecture.

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