Developing New Enterprise Architects Case Study

We develop high-functioning EA teams for a living. Developing high-functioning EA Teams requires developing enterprise architects.

We spoke about hands on experience developing enterprise architecture teams and new enterprise architects at an Open Group conference in San Diego.

Watch the question-and-answer session and presentation.

Our session was titled (Im)prove Your Value as an Expert Enterprise Architect: Hire a Millennial. Shatter the stereotypes: millennials are not entitled and uncommitted. Actually, they can be just what your EA team needs to stay relevant and accelerated in a knowledge economy. A new architect with the right aptitude and attitude may be what the most experienced architect needs to do better work. Knowledge management can make or break your personal value – if you’re not transferring your experience, then your value is only diminishing. Hear from the young architects and the global EA leaders who hired them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how novice architects add critical value to real knowledge management
  • Learn how the most senior architect can leverage a millennial to increase personal productivity and do better enterprise architecture
  • Achieve the ROI that is possible with a new model to EA succession planning. Justify the budget for hiring new architects

Speakers: David Hornford, Samantha Toder, Nathan Hornford

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EA Team development case study

With our client we speak about developing an EA Team, while delivering organization changing enterprise architecture.

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