Download the Agile Enterprise Architecture Case Study

Download the Agile Enterprise Architecture Case Study to see an example developing an EA Capability and useful architecture at the same time. We cover all six use cases for enterprise architecture and agile.

Enterprise Agility is all about the ability of your organization to react to unexpected opportunities and threats.

Agile software development supported by enterprise architecture is ensuring the balance between the central enterprise requirements and unfettered creativity during a development sprint.

Best practice development of enterprise architecture uses agile methods.

Individual & Team training & mentoring,

Improving your organizations ability to use enterprise architecture

Optimizing your EA Method & tools

Creating a useful EA Deliverable

Six Use Cases for Agile EA

Agile Enterprise Architecture Case Study Includes

Customer Presentation

Joint presentation with our customer on how we developed their EA Team and useful architecture

Digital Transformation in Practice

We used the 7 levers for Digital Transformation to guide the organizational transformation.

How-Based Case

This case is about how, not what. How we developed the team and the enterprise architecture. How the architecture guided and constrained agile software development.

Agile Enterprise Architecture Case Study

“When you see the draft roadmap turned into initiatives and a team established to deliver a long-lead-time item before we left the meeting, the first thing that runs through your head is how much more work you wanted to do”

- Customer EA Team Member

“I can trust this”

Trade-off exploring possible work and outcomes is at the core of good architecture development. Trade-offs abound—what work would be performed by highly skilled staff, where the work should be automated, how the system would learn. How the system would scale and be sustained.

High praise from a business line owner “I can trust this”

Download the Agile Enterprise Architecture Case Study

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