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The TOGAF Standard, 10th Edition makes adoption of enterprise architecture best practices easier. It separates the universal concepts from proven best practice. The standard underscore where to look for new emerging ideas.

Together, universal concepts, best practice guidance, and emerging ideas are how you adopt the TOGAF Standard. Develop your Enterprise Architecture practice.

Clear guidance on how to develop transformative enterprise architecture

Framework enables adoption of emerging practice

Focus on developing useful enterprise architecture

TOGAF Standard, 10th Edition

Introduction to the TOGAF® Standard, 10th Edition Includes

Universal TOGAF Framework separated from Guidance

The TOGAF Framework provides universal concepts. TOGAF Series Guides tell you how to use the framework.

Faster Adoption of the TOGAF Standard

What enterprise architects are looking for

More, better, and topical guidance on how to deliver the best Enterprise Architecture for our stakeholders and organization.

Extend your Enterprise Architecture Team

The TOGAF Standard provides proven practice. The Open Group's TOGAF Library provides a home for emerging ideas that are not proven.

Using Introduction to the TOGAF® Standard, 10th Edition

The strength of the TOGAF Standard is to provide universal scaffolding that is uniquely customized. An Enterprise Architect working on the Data Architecture supporting a strategic transformation may not even recognize a Business Architect’s work to support consolidating operations.

Both will use the TOGAF Standard. The Data Architect and Business Architect both serve stakeholders. They both help stakeholders understand
the available changes in terms of a complex set of priorities. They both provide a roadmap of change and criteria to constrain the change and judge its success. They are working on problems with radically different
scope in different domains. They need different specialist analytic, communication, and documentation techniques.

Both need to bring their work together into a consistent whole.


Extended and specialized Guidance in the TOGAF Standard, 10th Edition

General How-to Guidance

Establishing an EA Team

Architecture Domain Guidance

  • TOGAF Series Guide: Integrating Risk and Security within a TOGAF Enterprise Architecture
  • TOGAF Series Guide: Business Models
  • TOGAF Series Guide: Business Capabilities, Version 2
  • TOGAF Series Guide: Value Streams
  • TOGAF Series Guide: Information Mapping
  • TOGAF Series Guide: Organization Mapping
  • TOGAF Series Guide: Business Scenarios
  • TOGAF Series Guide: Information Architecture: Customer Master
    Data Management (C-MDM)
  • TOGAF Series Guide: Enabling Enterprise Agility
  • TOGAF Series Guide: Applying the TOGAF ADM using Agile Sprints
  • TOGAF Series Guide: TOGAF Digital Business Reference Model (DBRM)
  • TOGAF Series Guide: Government Reference Model
  • TOGAF Series Guide: Architecture Maturity Models
  • TOGAF Series Guide: Architecture Project Management
  • TOGAF Series Guide: Architecture Skills Framework

TOGAF Fundamental Content

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