Enterprise Architecture Domains

Enterprise architecture domains are a partial representation of an entire enterprise architecture system. It is easier to consider the components of each architecture domain shares more in common with itself

Separate domain architectures are parts of the whole and are often developed in part independently by specialists with a view to subsequent integration.

Domain architectures are often very useful on their own. When done alone they have to assume all other domains are static or moving to a pre-defined target.

The goal of this set of courses is to focus on one specific domain within the context of a complete enterprise architecture.

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Standard Enteprise Architecture Domains

Business Architecture

Security Architecture

Information Systems Architecture

Data Architecture

Application Architecture

Technology Architecture

Infrastructure Architecture

Solution Architecture


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When linking to agile software development, the same question is asked, what they should the team assist in answering. Some of the alignment is driven by what the enterprise architecture team is designed to support.

  1. defining the agile approach
  2. guiding the backlog in sprint
  3. constraining the sprints
  4. solving for cross product dependency

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