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5 Reasons Why Getting an Enterprise Architecture Certification is Important

28 February 2022

If you are in IT, or are looking for a rewarding and lucrative career in computer science, pursuing an enterprise architecture certification is a great way to expand your skillset. You may already be familiar with enterprise architecture, but in case you are new to the idea, let’s take a quick look at what enterprise architecture is, what certification in enterprise architecture looks like, and five very good reasons you should look into an enterprise architecture certification. What is enterprise architecture? Enterprise architecture is all about defining the relationship between technology and, well, every other aspect of a company’s operations. CIO Magazine explains that “Enterprise architecture is the process by which organizations standardize and organize IT infrastructure to align with business goals.” They then expand […]

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Risk Architecture with SABSA Domain Framework

22 February 2022

Risk Architecture with SABSA Domain Framework Everything we do has an upside and downside. Risk architecture tells us to minimize the uncertainty of reaching our objectives. SABSA Domain models simplify your stakeholders’ decision making and ensure good architecture governance. Each domain shares a risk appetite and decision authority. It clarifies who expects benefits and owns the downside. SABSA Domain models simplify risk architecture for all enterprise architects. Improve your Security Architecture & Enterprise Architecture Skills Risk Architecture Risk. Downside. Benefit. Uncertainty. Risk Architecture uses these words, without meaning threat. Risk management is about managing uncertainty. It is about getting the upside you want within your expected possibility of a downside. Everything we do in business carries an upside, and a downside. Our activity has expected […]

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Enterprise Architecture Domains

10 February 2022

Enterprise Architecture Domains Enterprise architecture domains are a partial representation of an entire enterprise architecture. It is easier to consider the components of each architecture domain shares more in common with itself. Besides the enterprise architecture domains, the term will refer to work specialization. In addition, we use the term domain in its simple natural meaning of ‘an area of knowledge or activity’. Explore Practical Enterprise Architecture Training Classic Enterprise Architecture Domains The most common enterprise architecture domains describe different parts of the enterprise architecture. Specialist architects usually develop domain architectures independently. When the domain architectures are put together, you have a complete enterprise architecture. Each enterprise architecture domain will be useful on their own. When used independently, you must assume all other domains are […]

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The Three Types of Enterprise Architecture Framework

27 January 2022

The Three Types of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks The right enterprise architecture framework will spell the difference between success with enterprise architecture or failure. They designed each of the three types of EA Framework to support different decision making and change; The three types of Enterprise Architecture Framework are Comprehensive, Industry, and Domain frameworks. Jump to the three types of enterprise architecture framework Three Types of EA frameworks What is an Enterprise Architecture Framework? An enterprise architecture framework is used to simplify the development of an enterprise architecture. Good enterprise architects use the best framework to simplify the complexity of their organization. They use that simplification to understand where the organization cannot meet expectations, and where it must be changed to meet expectations. We think of […]

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How to Define Enterprise Architecture Principles

26 January 2022

How to Define Enterprise Architecture Principles How to Define Enterprise Architecture Principles requires understanding a principle, knowing how to apply them, and assessing their quality. Architecture Principles are the foundation of good enterprise architecture. Gartner’s EA definition calls for “the key principles and models that describe the Enterprise’s future state…“ After all, if you only have architecture principles, you can perform architecture governance on the development and use of your enterprise architecture. DIY Enterprise Architecture Principle Resources Download Sample Enterprise Architecture Principles What is an Enterprise Architecture Principle? We often refer to enterprise architecture principles as guideposts, guardrails, rules of the road. Or even the North Star. All these phrases are saying the same thing – enterprise architecture principles provide the base guidance on decisions. […]

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Download Sample Enterprise Architecture Principles

26 January 2022

Download Sample Architecture Principles Download a sample enterprise architecture principles. Enterprise Architecture principles identify how to approach a problem or decision. The approach always drives you towards your enduring priorities. Download Sample Enterprise Architecture Principles Download Sample Architecture Principles Best practice enterprise architecture development uses reference material to overcome the hurdle of a blank piece of paper. Successful enterprise architects test their thinking to ensure they have not run into any of the normal critical thinking mistakes. Your organization is unique. Yet it exists in a common business ecosystem. Using a reference models as a starting point supports completeness and a discussion of where your organization has unique opportunities and threats. The best enterprise architects use tools to speed their delivery and improve the quality […]

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25 January 2022

TOGAF® vs. SABSA TOGAF vs SABSA is a false choice. Both work together. SABSA is the world’s leading security architecture framework. TOGAF is a modular enterprise architecture framework that is easily extensible to use domain best-practice. The SABSA Institute and The Open Group Architecture Forum have been working to end the false choice. We develop better enterprise architecture with best practice security architecture. Put an End to TOGAF vs SABSA – Read the TOGAF-SABSA Integration Paper TOGAF vs. SABSA – Put them together The idea of TOGAF vs. SABSA is absurd. The two frameworks work together smoothly. They work together by design. Your security architecture is part of your enterprise architecture. SABSA addresses developing part of the enterprise architecture. Let’s start with TOGAF. TOGAF is […]

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7 Architecture Principles Every Enterprise Architect Should Know

25 January 2022

7 Architecture Principles Every Enterprise Architect Should Know Architecture Principles are the foundation of good enterprise architecture. Successful enterprise architects need to master selecting the best set of principles and how to apply them. Guideposts, guardrails, foundational rules of the road. Here are seven enterprise architecture principles you need to know. Jump to the 7 Achitecture Principles You Should Know Value of Enterprise Architecture Principles Architecture principles are brief statements that identify your organization’s enduring priorities and how to approach a problem and decision. You can use these guidelines to test potential choices and speed up good decision making. Enable decision-making-set precedence during trade-off discussions and authority of tie-breaking if it must occur. Align the enterprise-take subjectivity out of the equation and drive objective critical […]

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How Do Enterprise Architecture Patterns Work?

19 December 2021

Taking enterprise architecture frameworks and applying them to real-world situations is an important part of being an enterprise architect.  What connects those frameworks to the day-to-day decisions that are being made in enterprises around the world are enterprise architecture patterns. This is a developing field, but it’s an important step in enterprise architecture, and it’s one you can learn more about through your enterprise architecture training.  What Are Enterprise Architecture Patterns? Enterprise architecture patterns help explain different architectures and the building blocks they’re made up of. They’ve been described as “an idea that has been useful in one practical context and will probably be useful in others.” Essentially, they put the building blocks of enterprise architecture into context, describing how you use them, when to […]

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Looking for a Cloud Architect, the modern day Technology Architect

25 November 2021

Looking for a Cloud Architect, the modern day Technology Architect We are looking for someone who wants to architect, design, and lead the development of a private cloud. In short, a modern infrastructure architect. One who is product focused and knows how to create a private cloud. We know that private cloud doesn’t mean containers, hyper-converged infrastructure, or Ansible. Although, all those things are used. Cloud Architect delivering a Private Cloud We think a private cloud is delivering infrastructure as products. We we have a private could when our infrastructure is: Delivered as digital products Provisioned through self-service Predictable Known Cost Maintained without affecting the client Lifecycle managed, including replacement and upgrade of underpinning technology without the client knowing or caring Ready to find out […]

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