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Business Architect’s Approach to IT

12 June 2022

Business Architect’s Approach to Architecting the IT Department using TOGAF A Business Architect‘s approach to architecting an IT Department is a straightforward architecture development problem. How do we optimize a modern IT organization? Most IT organizations result from haphazard development without an understanding or focus on their support for the operating model of the company. They have reacted to a mixture of random organizational pressures and technology change. Most often, the organizational design and structure driven by the technology implemented. Learn about Enterprise Architecture Certification Business Architect’s Approach to Architecting the IT Department using TOGAF At a Glance Why Create A Business Architecture for the Information Technology Department Value of Good Business Architecture Business Architecture of the IT Department What is the TOGAF Framework Best […]

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What are the Different Enterprise Architecture Jobs?

6 June 2022

What are the Different Enterprise Architecture Jobs? We are going to demystify the term ‘architect’ and then discuss the different enterprise architecture architect jobs. Digital Transformation depends on a well-developed enterprise architecture team. Organizations can no longer rely on traditional IT specialists experts to cater to all their technological needs. Now more than ever, enterprise architects are an integral part of any organization’s digital transformation, tasked with overseeing the IT infrastructure and ensuring they work in harmony with other sectors. There are different enterprise architect jobs. The different roles needed to ensure business success and growth. Jump Down to the Different Enterprise Architecture Jobs What is an Enterprise Architect? When we hear the term architect, we probably picture a person wearing a hard hat and […]

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Solution Architect vs. Enterprise Architect

2 June 2022

Solution Architect vs. Enterprise Architect Digital transformation is upon us all, with new confusing roles – let’s sort out Solution Architect vs. Enterprise Architect. The current massive technological evolution, transforming the world into an easily accessible digital village. The rapid leap in technology has brought with it a requirement for more, and more information technology. Many people carry the title of architect. Each has their specific areas of responsibility, even though it’s common for their tasks to overlap. The distinction between different architects can become unclear sometimes, which affects the efficiency of change and your ability to take advantage of a digital transformation. In this guide, we will distinguish between Solution Architects and Enterprise Architects, discussing their similarities, differences, and relationships. You will know the […]

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What is Security Architecture?

2 June 2022

What is Security Architecture Security architecture is the process of evaluating information security controls and implementing the right business process and tools into IT systems to protect the data being used and stored by an organization. When it comes down to it, security architecture is only the first step-security comes from implementation and operations. When good security architecture is not properly established, an organization’s teams are stuck hunting for designs and implementations that randomly protect against threats. Most ‘cyber security architecture’ is reactive and threat-oriented. However, robust security architecture will provide preventative measures that will ensure the enterprise is secured. In this guide, we’ll break down what security architecture is, the critical elements of security architecture, and why a solid security architecture is so vital […]

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TOGAF® ADM Phase A – Start at the Beginning with an Architecture Vision

31 May 2022

TOGAF® ADM Phase A – Start at the Beginning with an Architecture Vision To develop best practice enterprise architecture, start at the beginning of the TOGAF ADM with Phase A. Like every other TOGAF ADM Phase, you develop the knowledge necessary for part of the complete enterprise architecture. In Phase A, you are setting yourself up for success. You clarify the problem, identify everyone who has interests that are fundamental to the problem, identify their priority and preference. Finally, develop an answer to the problem is acceptable to the Stakeholders. There are several off-ramps from the TOGAF ADM. Phase A is an off-ramp. Celebrate when you stop all architecture development because there is no suitable architecture vision. Without stakeholder confidence in the path to value, […]

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A Digital Transformation Framework for Success

17 May 2022

The right Digital Transformation framework can be the launchpad your company needs to grow. Getting digital transformation right can help you align your business goals and your business operations. For a digital transformation to work, it needs a clear framework. The Harvard Business Review explains, “Without a clear understanding, the wrong people are often put in charge, with the wrong resources, and the wrong KPIs, setting the digital transformation project up for failure.” Since that digital transformation framework is so vital, let’s start at the beginning. What is Digital Transformation? Digital business transformation is a little hard to define. This is because a digital transformation can mean different things to different companies. Even more, a successful digital transformation can look differently to segments of the […]

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The Basics of Private Cloud Architecture

17 May 2022

The Basics of Private Cloud Architecture Many organizations are interested in the notion of private cloud initiatives. It certainly makes sense why-private cloud offers significantly more security and control than public cloud initiatives. However, most private cloud initiatives are abandoned. Avoid failure with a solid private cloud architecture. Ensure you deliver the benefits of private cloud instead of deploying a technology adventures. Architecture needs to be in place to identify the successful patterns of building private cloud platforms and provides a set of guardrails and guidelines for ensuring the implementation project delivers on its expected value. In this guide, we’ll explore the basics of private cloud architecture and what IT organizations need to know about private cloud architecture principles, as well as why architecture is […]

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TOGAF® Standard, 10th Edition Now Available!

2 May 2022

TOGAF® Standard, 10th Edition We are excited to announce the new version of the TOGAF® Standard, 10th Edition is released.  I know we’ll all call it TOGAF 10. We had a major hand updating the TOGAF Standard. This is a major milestone for the whole Enterprise Architecture profession. The go-to Enterprise Architecture Framework for Enterprise Architects, we have wanted the tenth version for a long time. TOGAF 10 needs to meet high expectations. We use action imagery for enterprise architecture – after all, the purpose of the profession is to help stakeholders select the most effective improvement and guide the change. That is an action oriented profession. The TOGAF® Standard, 10th Edition is designed to support action by successful enterprise architecture teams. Download the Introduction […]

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Enterprise Architecture Tools Comparison: Which Is the Best?

1 May 2022

Enterprise Architecture Tools Comparison: Which Is the Best? There are so many enterprise architecture tools out there, the difficulty is choosing the right ones. Find out what features the most popular software offer with this enterprise architecture tools comparison. Avolution ABACUS Training What Are Enterprise Architecture Tools? Enterprise architecture tools are software designed to support the planning, analysis, design, and execution of enterprise architecture. They draw information from across the enterprise, adding context to facilitate efficient decision-making, ultimately leading to the completion of targeted business outcomes.  The key element to architecture tools is being able to store, structure, analyze, and present data in a way that gives enterprise architects quick access to powerful insights. A clear overview of the entire business structure enables stakeholders to […]

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The Right IT Architecture Can Solve Your Biggest Problems

3 April 2022

The Right IT Architecture Can Solve Your Biggest Problems When it comes to the success of your IT projects and initiatives, the right IT architecture can make all the difference and help you stay ahead of the curve. When you are ahead of the curve, your organization can achieve its objectives. Explore EA Consulting Services The Right IT Architecture Can Solve Your Biggest Problems Modern organizations are dependent upon their IT Architecture. Digital business models, digital transformation, digitization, and simply competing require a flexible and resilient IT Architecture. IT Architecture is a part of your Enterprise Architecture. Each enterprise architecture domain is useful alone. However, it is an incomplete picture. When developed independently an architecture domain must assume all other domains are static. When it […]

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