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What Is TOGAF Certification?

8 June 2021

TOGAF certification is itself based on four areas of specialization, also known as architecture domains. They all fit under one unifying framework and methodology intended to make the development of enterprise-level software more straightforward and manageable by those responsible for doing the work. In addition to designing, planning and implementing enterprise-level IT architecture, TOGAF also speaks to the seamless management of those same systems, reducing errors and issues as well as budgets, and aligning everything with general business interests. As we mentioned, a TOGAF certification is based on four different specialization areas. They are business architecture, data architecture, applications architecture and technical architecture. Each are intended to support and get the most out of your IT resources while rewarding the best and brightest with ideal […]

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How EA Consulting Can Benefit Your Organization

8 June 2021

Enterprise architecture consulting, also known as EA consulting, can be a boon to any company that relies on their IT infrastructure to leverage the power of their resources and get more done. Whether you’re aware of it or not, it’s likely that your modern business already depends on EA, so it only makes sense to take your network architecture to the next level in support of your overall business goals. But for most companies, that’s easier said than done. Some organizations may know that they need to get more out of their IT infrastructure, but continuing demand makes it hard to reorganize a network that still needs to function at a high level each and every day. However, EA consulting can help your organization get […]

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Enterprise Architecture Trap #195 Not following the conversation

30 January 2021

Trap #195 – Not following the conversation Architecture concerns are the criteria to assess acceptability. Enterprise architects’ highest value is assisting stakeholders identify the best path to improving their organization. Then provide the governance tool for the stakeholder to gain the expected improvement. Too many EA teams are low functioning. Literally hanging on by their fingernails. If you see these practices, stop! Stop now! Eject while you still can. Enterprise Architecture Graveyard Tests for a Wicked Problem We do not understand the problem until after the formulation of a solution The problem has no stopping rule Solutions to the problem are not right or wrong Problem and solutions are essentially novel and unique Every solution is a ‘one shot operation’ We cannot compare given alternative […]

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What is a Business Architect

3 June 2020

What is a Business Architect? The simple answer to what is a business architect is as easy as it is useless – business architect develops the business architecture. A more useful answer is that a business architect helps their organizational leaders understand the root of deficiencies in their organization and what the best approach to improving their organization. There we are – a business architect helps leaders in their organization understand the source of a deficiency and the most effective path to a better organization. A business architect serves others to deliver their organizational improvement. Job of the business architect Like most enterprise architecture jobs, the job of a business architect is simple and complex. The simplicity is in the job’s purpose. The complexity is […]

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TOGAF Essentials 2018

1 June 2020

TOGAF Essentials 2018 Credential The Open Group’s TOGAF Essentials 2018 credential shows you understand the changes in the TOGAF Standard between version 9.1 and version 9.2. It is focused on detailed changes inside the standard. Conexiam does not offer training for this Open Group credential. TOGAF Essentials 2018 credential provides validation that individuals have up-to-date understanding of the changes in 9.2. Gaining the TOGAF Essentials 2018 credential requires completion of a short 3-hour course and passing an online exam. The Open Group awards the credential after you complete both the mandatory three-hour training and pass a 20 question multiple-choice open book exam. Who should take the TOGAF Essentials 2018 Credential? The TOGAF Essentials Credential is mandatory for all TOGAF accredited trainers certified in the TOGAF Standard version […]

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SABSA – Security architecture for enterprise architecture

31 May 2020

SABSA – Security Architecture for TOGAF Industry Standard Security Architecture Framework Framework Partners Conexiam recommends SABSA as the starting-point for security architecture. Conexiam’s staff were key contributors to the SABSA/TOGAF White Paper, which recommended the integration of TOGAF and SABSA as leading best practice to secure all architectures. Dave Hornford serves on The SABSA Institute Board of Trustees SABSA At the heart of the SABSA method is the SABSA Model, a top-down approach that drives the SABSA Development Process. This process analyses the business requirements at the outset, and creates a chain of traceability through the SABSA Lifecycle phases of ‘Strategy & Planning’, ‘Design’, ‘Implement’ and ongoing ‘Manage and Measure’ to ensure preservation of the business mandate. Framework tools created from practical experience, including the SABSA Matrix and the […]

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Navigate Content Framework Available

31 May 2020

Navigate Content Framework Released Intro Heading What is a Conexiam Navigate Atlas Best practice enterprise architecture ensures that the central questions the business needs answered are in focus. To achieve tight focus, you must ruthlessly minimize the information gathered, analyzed, stored and maintained. Every component that used in the models in an EA repository must be sustained, as well as the relationships and properties. The number of interim architecture states and options analyzed multiplies the information maintenance burden. Based upon the question an EA Team are asked to address Navigate is custom configured. Core Navigate contains the absolute minimum information. Different purposes call for different data requirements. Conexiam’s specialized Atlases extended Navigate seamlessly. This method allows substantially smaller information demands and crisp focus on expected […]

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TOGAF Phase H – Applying Agile

2 May 2020

TOGAF Phase H – Applying Agile The TOGAF Phase H objective is awkward. What it means is that you need an activity assessing value and risk information. Then you need to be able to react. In January 2020, after watching the news from China, I told my team we had an agility event. Buckle-up, it will be a wild ride. Later, from the local pub, I texted a fellow EA/TOGAF theoretician about TOGAF’s Phase H (Risk Management, Value Realization & Architecture Change). Yes, I do that. Next, we got to work. I didn’t grasp how wild the ride would be. Agility is reactive Most people think they can plan to be agile. You cannot plan for the unpredictable. Agility is reactive. Agility is always a […]

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Enterprise Architecture Trap #7 Asking the Easy Question

25 April 2017

Trap #7 – Asking the Easy Question Enterprise architects are in the room to address hard questions. Questions whose answers serve divergent outcomes. Crash and burn stories Too many EA teams are low functioning. Literally hanging on by their fingernails. If you see these practices, stop! Stop now! Enterprise Architecture Graveyard Just the Basics Be a better architect Join our free 90-day personal enterprise architect kickstart. Learn the same techniques we use mentoring enterprise architects during a Predictable EA engagement. Conexiam’s EA Community provides regular professional development updates, tools, and technique. Join our free EA Community. Start today Just the Basics Enteprise Architect’s Guide Download the Enterprise Architect’s Guide. TOGAF series guide on delivering useful enterprise architecture We sit and listen to the explanation of […]

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Enterprise Architecture Trap #53 Starting from Scratch

18 February 2017

Trap #53 Starting From Scratch High functioning EA Teams are efficient. They aggressively use other people’s reference architectures. They leverage an EA repository. Crash and burn stories Low-functioning EA Teams. One anti-pattern after another. If you see these practices, stop! Stop now! Eject while you still can. Enterprise Architecture Graveyard Just the basics Enterprise Architect’s Guide Download the Enterprise Architect’s Guide a TOGAF Series Guide on developing useful enterprise architecture. Be a better architect Free 90-day Personal Enterprise Architect Kickstart to be a better architect. Weekly recorded webinar, with downloads Free EA Community Membership Free training, guidance, tools and techniques from Conexiam Consulting Start today “I think we’ll have to revisit the definition of ….” “we have to get the ‘current stakeholder requirements’” “is there […]

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