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What is Enterprise Architecture?

8 August 2021

Enterprise architecture (EA) serves as a conceptual blueprint for enterprise analysis, planning, design, and implementation through an extensive program to achieve profitable growth and strategy execution consistently. It is also a proactive and holistic discipline to give enterprise solutions to obstacles and problems by executing observation and analysis of change to achieve desired business goals and results.  With this, EA brings value to the table by providing business and IT leaders with simplified recommendations for policy and project adjustments. This is to fulfill business results that benefit concerning business divisions. The Role of Enterprise Architecture An enterprise architect is accountable for maintaining an organization’s IT networks and services. In addition, as EAs, they are responsible for managing, developing, and upgrading enterprise services and technology such […]

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8 things to do with your TOGAF Certification

28 July 2021

8 things to do with your TOGAF Certification You passed the tests! Now, what will you do with your TOGAF Certification? When you pass the TOGAF certification exams you have taken an important step in becoming an enterprise architect. You understand the industry standard framework, and with the TOGAF ADM an approach to developing enterprise architecture. I expect you are in the same place I was when I learned to titre in Organic Chemistry. You know important useful things and do not know how to put them to use. Let’s look at 8 things to do with your TOGAF Certification to that will improve your confidence, skill, and usefulness as an enterprise architect. Passing TOGAF Certification sets you at a new beginning When we work […]

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The Three Types of Enterprise Architecture Framework

22 July 2021

The Three Types of Enterprise Architecture Framework The right enterprise architecture framework will spell the difference between success with enterprise architecture or failure. They designed each of the three types of EA Framework to support different decision making and change – comprehensive, industry and domain frameworks. Change is hard. Few transformation programs succeed. A good enterprise architecture can improve your odds of success. Enterprise architects use an EA framework to simplify the complexity of your organization so that you can understand it, and drive the most effective change. Misunderstanding how your enterprise needs to change leads to miscommunication. Building a transformation on top of misunderstanding and miscommunication can kill a company. Which enterprise architecture framework will work best for you? Find out more below. What […]

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7 Architecture Principles every Enterprise Architect should know

20 July 2021

7 Architecture Principles every Enterprise Architect should know Architecture Principles are the foundation of good enterprise architecture. Successful enterprise architects need to master selecting the best set of principles and how to apply them. Here are the critical enterprise architecture principles you need to know. What is an Enterprise Architecture Principle Often, business and technology decisions need to be made with insufficient information. Rapid decision making presents a significant problem with IT and organizational change. How can you have confidence that rapid decisions made with insufficient information align with your strategy, goals, and value proposition? It is all too easy to create a story that explains alignment. We all know many of those stories are fiction. This is where enterprise architecture principles come in. TOGAF […]

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What is IT Architecture?

19 July 2021

What is IT Architecture? What is IT Architecture? IT Architecture covers Information Technology in your enterprise architecture – applications, data, infrastructure and associated security architecture. test All good architecture guides change and IT Architecture is no different. The purpose of IT Architecture is guiding change of IT systems to deliver on the overall business objectives, strategy, and value proposition. IT Architecture has to cover software applications, data, technology infrastructure, information security All architecture simplifies the complexity of the real-world in order to understand how best to change it. IT Architecture is no different, it will comprise abstractions and models that simplify and communicate complex structures and constraints in your IT systems. You use the IT Architecture to drive effective change of your information systems. For […]

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How to pass the TOGAF Certification Test

8 July 2021

How to pass the TOGAF Certification Test Here is everything you need to know about passing the TOGAF 9 certification tests. TOGAF 9 certification is a benchmark for credibility and professionalism in the workplace. There are two TOGAF certification tests – Foundation (Level 1) and Certified. Each test is multiple choice. They will be administered by Pearson Vue or your TOGAF training provider. Are you preparing to take the TOGAF 9 exam? Earning your TOGAF 9 certification is one of the steps to develop your career as an enterprise architect. TOGAF 9 certification demonstrates your familiarity with the industry-standard enterprise architecture framework. TOGAF certification is earned by passing the TOGAF Foundation (Level 1) and TOGAF Certified (Level 2) exams. Passing your TOGAF 9 exams may […]

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The Basics of Enterprise Architecture Governance: Everything You Need to Know

20 June 2021

Conceptually speaking, enterprise architecture (EA) is the process of how organizations organize and standardize their IT infrastructure in alignment with their goals. Are you having a hard time catching up with the fast-paced, ever-changing technological environment? Do you have customers looking for newer products to keep up with advancements in technology? If you said yes to these questions, enterprise architecture might be the help you need. Don’t worry; if you’re unsure how it can help you, this article tackles the very basics of enterprise architecture. Learn the basics of enterprise architecture and achieve your goals by implementing this helpful guide in your organization. What Is Enterprise Architecture Governance? Enterprise architecture (EA) governance is a system comprising the essential elements of business management. It includes strong […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Getting a TOGAF Certification

20 June 2021

In this era where everything is accessible online, it is very important to have programs to drive IT plans to success. That’s why it would be best if you had a successful IT architecture. To obtain a successful IT architecture, you need to learn more about TOGAF. What Is TOGAF? The Open Group Architectural Framework, or more commonly known by its acronym as TOGAF, is an architectural framework. Learning more about TOGAF will benefit you the most if you want to pursue a more productive approach to IT architecture. It is a very functional tool to use in developing a wide range of various IT architectures. It also allows you to design, evaluate, then build the perfect architecture for your organization. It is a very […]

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What Is TOGAF Certification?

8 June 2021

TOGAF certification is itself based on four areas of specialization, also known as architecture domains. They all fit under one unifying framework and methodology intended to make the development of enterprise-level software more straightforward and manageable by those responsible for doing the work. In addition to designing, planning and implementing enterprise-level IT architecture, TOGAF also speaks to the seamless management of those same systems, reducing errors and issues as well as budgets, and aligning everything with general business interests. As we mentioned, a TOGAF certification is based on four different specialization areas. They are business architecture, data architecture, applications architecture and technical architecture. Each are intended to support and get the most out of your IT resources while rewarding the best and brightest with ideal […]

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How EA Consulting Can Benefit Your Organization

8 June 2021

Enterprise architecture consulting, also known as EA consulting, can be a boon to any company that relies on their IT infrastructure to leverage the power of their resources and get more done. Whether you’re aware of it or not, it’s likely that your modern business already depends on EA, so it only makes sense to take your network architecture to the next level in support of your overall business goals. But for most companies, that’s easier said than done. Some organizations may know that they need to get more out of their IT infrastructure, but continuing demand makes it hard to reorganize a network that still needs to function at a high level each and every day. However, EA consulting can help your organization get […]

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