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What is an Enterprise Architect?

20 March 2022

What is an Enterprise Architect? What is an enterprise architect? Someone who helps stakeholders make deliberate change. They use a consistent approach to simplify complex environments. Enterprise architect is a profession, not a measure of seniority. Enterprise architects have a unique advisory role and must serve others. Explore EA Consulting Services Contact us to talk about developing your enterprise architects What is an Enterprise Architect? The job exists for a reason. Enterprise architect’s job is to improve your organization’s ability to make effective change. Effective change starts with selecting the right change. Effective change ends with direct and control projects and implementation to complete the change. The role of an enterprise architect nets down to focusing change effort on the right change minimizing the difficulty […]

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TOGAF® ADM Phases Explained

8 March 2022

TOGAF® ADM Phases Explained Do you want to develop good enterprise architecture with the TOGAF ADM? Are you searching for the TOGAF ADM Phases to be explained? If you do, you are at the right place. One thing that we can agree on is the challenges of creating a suitable architecture for an organization. You don’t want to spend lots of time and effort only to discover later that the new structure isn’t feasible. Also, you don’t want to erode or compromise the enterprise’s vision and goals. Working with a reputable company makes the exercise easier and ensures the new structure upholds the organization’s visions and goals. Learn about TOGAF Certification TOGAF ADM Phases Explained At a Glance TOGAF ADM Overview What is the TOGAF […]

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What is an Enterprise Architecture Framework?

7 March 2022

What is an Enterprise Architecture Framework An Enterprise Architecture Framework provides the scaffolding that helps you develop and describe enterprise architecture. We optimize different architecture frameworks for different industries. Using an enterprise architecture framework simplify the complexity developing and using an enterprise architecture.   Improve your Use of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks What is An Enterprise Architecture Framework? An enterprise architecture framework helps enterprise architects develop  develop, implement, govern, and sustain an enterprise architecture. At the most basic it will be a taxonomy of questions and who needs the information. Enterprise architecture frameworks can also include method, architecture modelling techniques, stakeholders, governance and implementation methods. A useful enterprise architecture framework to speed developing an enterprise architecture and executing the changes it contains to improve your organization […]

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Personal Enterprise Architecture Kickstart

5 March 2022

Enterprise Architecture Kickstart We need to keep our skills current. More now than ever. Use the Enterprise Architecture Kickstart to improve your ability to deliver transformative enterprise architecture. This 90-day kick-start is how Conexiam Consulting develops high-functioning enterprise architects. We use this program when we develop enterprise architects. Registration starts an automatic 12-week program Be a better enterprise architect. Start today. Most organizations need to change. Despite this, a common question is ‘how can enterprise architects show value?’ This question highlights many Enterprise Architects are exposed. Join our 90-day Free Enterprise Architecture Skill Kickstart! Every week has a new Webinar. Every week we develop a different theme. Register for Enterprise Architecture Kickstart Accelerate Your Enterprise Architecture Career Register for Enterprise Architecture Kickstart Enterprise Architecture Kickstart […]

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SABSA Domain Model Webinar

3 March 2022

SABSA Domain Modelling Webinar SABSA Domain models simplify risk architecture for all enterprise architects. Learn to develop SABSA Domain models. Use these to simplify your stakeholders’ decision making and ensure good architecture governance. Clarifies who expects benefits and owns the downside. Recording of Webinar and downloadable supporting materials. Register for SABSA Domain Model Webinar Register for SABSA Domain Model Webinar SABSA Domain Modelling Webinar Best practice enterprise architecture development uses the best techniques and methods Successful enterprise architects continually learn. Learn new method and ways of developing enterprise architecture. The method of developing enterprise architecture is common. The same method and techniques are used to develop specialized, unique architecture. Ongoing enterprise architecture training ensures that you deliver value to your customers. The best enterprise architects […]

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What is Digital Transformation Strategy?

28 February 2022

Have you started developing your digital transformation strategy?  The concept of digital transformation has become so ubiquitous that Forbes has declared that “the era of digital transformation is here for companies of all sizes and types, from Fortune 500s to startups.” It seems that everyone is talking about digital transformation, working on a digital transformation, or nailing down their digital transformation strategy. This means it’s time to get started on yours! If you are just starting down the road of digital transformation strategy, you may have some questions. You aren’t alone-digital transformation can be confusing. Part of the confusion comes from the fact that a digital transformation strategy is not a one-size-fits-all thing-it is designed to be different for each organization or enterprise that undertakes […]

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5 Reasons Why Getting an Enterprise Architecture Certification is Important

28 February 2022

If you are in IT, or are looking for a rewarding and lucrative career in computer science, pursuing an enterprise architecture certification is a great way to expand your skillset. You may already be familiar with enterprise architecture, but in case you are new to the idea, let’s take a quick look at what enterprise architecture is, what certification in enterprise architecture looks like, and five very good reasons you should look into an enterprise architecture certification. What is enterprise architecture? Enterprise architecture is all about defining the relationship between technology and, well, every other aspect of a company’s operations. CIO Magazine explains that “Enterprise architecture is the process by which organizations standardize and organize IT infrastructure to align with business goals.” They then expand […]

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Risk Architecture with SABSA Domain Framework

22 February 2022

Risk Architecture with SABSA Domain Framework Everything we do has an upside and downside. Risk architecture tells us to minimize the uncertainty of reaching our objectives. SABSA Domain models simplify your stakeholders’ decision making and ensure good architecture governance. Each domain shares a risk appetite and decision authority. It clarifies who expects benefits and owns the downside. SABSA Domain models simplify risk architecture for all enterprise architects. Improve your Security Architecture & Enterprise Architecture Skills Contact us to talk about engaging experts to improve your risk architecture Risk Architecture Risk. Downside. Benefit. Uncertainty. Risk Architecture uses these words, without meaning threat. Risk management is about managing uncertainty. It is about getting the upside you want within your expected possibility of a downside. Everything we do […]

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The Three Types of Enterprise Architecture Framework

27 January 2022

The Three Types of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks The right enterprise architecture framework will spell the difference between success with enterprise architecture or failure. They designed each of the three types of EA Framework to support different decision making and change; The three types of Enterprise Architecture Framework are Comprehensive, Industry, and Domain frameworks. Jump to the three types of enterprise architecture framework Three Types of EA frameworks What is an Enterprise Architecture Framework? An enterprise architecture framework is used to simplify the development of an enterprise architecture. Good enterprise architects use the best framework to simplify the complexity of their organization. They use that simplification to understand where the organization is unable to meet expectations, and where it must be changed to meet expectations. What […]

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How to Define Enterprise Architecture Principles

26 January 2022

How to Define Enterprise Architecture Principles How to Define Enterprise Architecture Principles requires understanding a principle, knowing how to apply them, and assessing their quality. Architecture Principles are the foundation of good enterprise architecture. Gartner’s EA definition calls for “the key principles and models that describe the Enterprise’s future state…“ After all, if you only have architecture principles, you can perform architecture governance on the development and use of your enterprise architecture. DIY Enterprise Architecture Principle Resources Download Sample Enterprise Architecture Principles What is an Enterprise Architecture Principle? We often refer to enterprise architecture principles as guideposts, guardrails, rules of the road. Or even the North Star. All these phrases are saying the same thing – enterprise architecture principles provide the base guidance on decisions. […]

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