Predictable EA - EA Governance Workshop

Enterprise Architecture Governance workshop both sides of EA Governance

This workshop is helpful to organizations considering investing significantly in organizational transformation.

We facilitate clear understanding by your architecture team and key stakeholders of Governance - providing direction and establishing control.

Predictable EA Workshops

Workshop balance training and consulting.

When consulting we are focused on delivering useful enterprise architecture. We focus on developing your EA team so they can deliver the work independently.

In a workshop we address a challenge faced by your team with your team. We balance learning and doing by systematically addressing a significant challenge.

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Conexiam leverages our Predictable EA consulting for custom enterprise architecture training.

Predictable EA - Governance Workshop

The packaged 1-day or 3-day workshop developed from best practice direction and control of change.

Direct Architecture Development

  • Ends & Means - what is the aim of the change. What criteria we will use to assess the best possible change. Any restrictions, must-do or must-not-do, in achieving the change.

Control Architecture Development

  • How to test the architecture as they develop it to ensure the Direction is being followed.

Use Enterprise Architecture to Direct Change

  • Provide scope of change, expected benefits, and criteria of success. Up-front description of change restrictions.
  • Align EA-based direction to project style and development style.
  • Best-practice direction of Agile software development

Use EA to Control Change

  • how to test the change at the right time - scope, plan, execution
  • how to test Agile software development at product definition, backlog grooming, sprint planning and sprint acceptance

Workshop Participants

  • Decision-makers (Stakeholder, Sponsor, Implementation Lead)
  • Enterprise Architecture Team
  • Financial Team for benefit realization

Workshop Configuration

Configuration provides alignment between an organization’s existing architecture deliverables, EA & governance processes, and its organizational model.

Typically Conexiam workshops are held in preparation of a major initiative, or when one is crashing & burning. You need the output aligned to how you are working with Navigate filling holes in method and work product.

Governance and Enterprise Architecture Purpose

Each of the purposes has a different governance focus:

Ensure alignment to strategy - objective and selected means
Benefit delivery, project scope, and selected means
EA to support Project
Benefit delivery and selected means
EA to support Solution Deployment
Alignment to target, selected means

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