Download Enterprise Architecture Governance Guide

Download the Enterprise Architecture Governance Guide to understand best practice to direct and control the development of architecture, and change to obtain the expected outcomes.

Architecture Governor's Guide Cover The Enterprise Architecture Architecture Governance Guide divides governance activity into approval of the target architecture, and implementation governance.

Governance is a “system by which an organization is directed, overseen and held accountable for achieving its defined purpose” Understand the tough part of enterprise architecture governance - who has decision authority. Ensure that they realize the intended benefits and values expected.

Enterprise Architecture Governance Guide

Architecture Governor's Guide follows divides all governance activity into enterprise architecture governance to approve the target architecture, and implementation governance.

Architecture Governance must address four distinct aspects of governance:

  • Governing the creation of enterprise architecture
  • Governing change through the use of enterprise architecture
  • Governing value realization after the change team is done
  • Governing operation of the enterprise architecture team and enterprise architects

You can download the Architecture Governor's Guide directly from the Open Group TOGAF Library.

Primary Audience of the EA Governance Guide

The Architecture Governance Guide is written for EA Team Leaders. The advice is useful for enterprise architects seeking a better understanding of developing an optimal target architecture and obtaining the expected benefits.

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Architecture Governance Guide Roles

There are four key roles in architecture governance to approve the target architecture, and govern implementation.

  1. Stakeholders own the architecture and architecture decisions. Enterprise Architects primarily serve Stakeholders.
  2. Sponsors & Implementers own implementation decisions.They deliver the expected benefits of the change within the constraints of the target architecture.
  3. Subject Matter Experts provide specialist advice.
  4. Enterprise Architects serve the Stakeholder, identify the best possible change, and guide the Implementers to deliver the expected value.

Download the EA Governance Guide

Effective governance nets down to direction and control

  • Direct the architects when they develop the architecture
  • Controls ensure they followed direction
  • Direct change leaders and implementers when they run change programs
  • Controls ensure they followed the enterprise architecture

Download the complete EA Governance Guide.

Going further than the EA Governance Guide

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