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Everything You Need to Know About Getting a TOGAF® Certification

In this era where everything is accessible online, it is very important to have programs to drive IT plans to success. That’s why it would be best if you had a successful IT architecture. To obtain a successful IT architecture, you need to learn more about TOGAF.

What Is the TOGAF Standard?

The Open Group Architectural Framework, or more commonly known as TOGAF, is a comprehensive enterprise architectural framework. Learning more about TOGAF will benefit you the most if you want to pursue a more productive approach to IT architecture.

It is a very functional tool to use in developing a wide range of various IT architectures. It also allows you to design, evaluate, then build the perfect architecture for your organization.

It is a very well-known solution in developing an IT architecture that perfectly meets what your business needs. This high-level, systematic approach aims to decrease errors, stick to deadlines, stay on budget, and link IT with business divisions.

What Is the TOGAF Certification? Do I Need to Be TOGAF Certified?

Yes, you definitely need to get TOGAF certified. One must be certified to use TOGAF and implement it in their IT architectures. There are currently two TOGAF levels: the entry-level qualification TOGAF 9 Foundation and the main TOGAF 9 certification program.

The TOGAF 9 foundation is for professionals who understand the TOGAF 9 standard at a basic level. It is also designed to verify what they know of the terminologies, structure, and basic concepts.

On the other hand, TOGAF 9 certification validates that the professional has a thorough comprehension of the TOGAF 9 standard and can evaluate and apply what they've learned to construct an enterprise architecture.

How Much Does It Cost?

The TOGAF certification cost is a part of the examination. It is included in the course fee for all training courses and certifications. Certification examinations usually are priced at approximately $500 for the whole level 2 certificate, depending on currency values in various regions. Of course, it depends on the examination centers and training courses, but it usually costs around that.

How Can I Prepare for the TOGAF Certification Exam?

To prepare for the TOGAF certification exam, you must know that taking the program course is the best approach to prepare for your TOGAF 9 certification. A training course can provide you with all of the necessary resources to pass the TOGAF certification exam on your first attempt.

It will also help and guide you in becoming familiar with the TOGAF 9 material and exam terminology. Finally, the training will equip you with everything you need to know so that when the examination time comes, your TOGAF certification preparation will pay off big time.

Should I Enroll in a Training Center? How Can They Help Me?

Enrolling in a training center is not necessarily a requirement, as you can study at home by yourself. There are a lot of resources you can use to prepare yourself for the TOGAF examinations.

While many people choose self-study TOGAF 9 instruction, we advocate attending live training courses. These will let you tap into the knowledge of your peers and professors, guaranteeing that you get answers to all of your inquiries. Some training courses, particularly those that include in-person meetings, are more extensive than others.

In addition, training centers can give you the guidance you need so that trainers can guide you appropriately in your preparations for the TOGAF certification.

Practice is, of course, the best way of preparing for your TOGAF 9 exam. The majority of courses will provide free practice examinations right away.

What Happens If I Fail My Exam for the First Time?

Suppose you happen to fail your TOGAF certification exam for the first time. In that case, you have to remember that you must wait for at least a month before retaking the exam. After that, there is no limit to you in taking your TOGAF certification. However, it can be a waste of time, so the best solution for this is to ace your exams on the first try.

What Can I Do with My TOGAF Certification?

Aside from you getting certified legitimately, you can also use your TOGAF certification in training other aspirants as a trainer. You can earn money by training future takers with what you already know about TOGAF certification exams.

If you enrolled in a training center, you could go full circle as you're the one teaching them what you have learned from your instructors and trainers before.

Start preparing for your TOGAF Certification with us today!

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