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Business Architecture

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Business Architecture Introduction

Conexiam’s Business Architecture course is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge to perform business architecture within the context of an enterprise architecture.

This course provides the skills and knowledge to develop a blueprint of an organization in the future, i.e. to design the changes necessary to provide a common understanding of the enterprise in order to align strategic objectives and tactical demands.

It doesn’t matter whether your business architecture is performed to optimize the organization, alignment, and processes of the business or provide the capability basics for IT alignment – purpose is different than technique. Delivering useful business architecture is the most important element an EA practice can deliver.

Exercises are designed to build an effective architecture and demonstrate end-to-end traceability. In the classroom delivery, all exercises are done in groups.

To enable participants to build a business architecture foundation to support the achievement of key goals, deliver business value and execute business scenarios, this course will teach you to recognize and evaluate the relationships between the above views.

Business Architecture Training Course

Included in the delivery:

  • 3 days of instruction
    • Lecture
    • Workshop Exercises
    • Exercise review
  • Electronic copy of all Conexiam courseware and exercise materials
  • Electronic copy of all Navigate templates and public architecture tools used in the course
    • Students have access to up-dated courseware, exercise materials, Navigate templates and public architecture contents for over one year
  • References to relevant literature Φ

Φ Conexiam maintains a library of relevant literature used in internal development of our staff and consulting practice. The bulk of this library is from the Centre for Information Systems Research, MIT Sloane and the Harvard Business Review. Before this class the assigned instructor will review our library and select an appropriate literature. Where the literature is not publicly available Conexiam will acquire a licensed electronic copy for each student.

All course material is provided electronically. As well, for in-class delivery course slides and exercise materials are provided in a binder.

 Recommended Prerequisites:

An understanding of EA concepts pertaining to governance, stakeholders, targets, alignment and trade-off analysis.
Completion of TOGAF® 9 Certification or EA with TOGAF® and Navigate™ is an asset.

Who Should Attend:

  • Chief Architects
  • Business Leaders
  • Business Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Enterprise Architects

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When linking to agile software development, the same question is asked, what they should the team assist in answering. Some of the alignment is driven by what the enterprise architecture team is designed to support.

  1. defining the agile approach
  2. guiding the backlog in sprint
  3. constraining the sprints
  4. solving for cross product dependency

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