TOGAF 9.2 Body of Knowledge

The TOGAF 9.2 Body of Knowledge provides enduring stable, proven practice and new emerging ideas. They focus the TOGAF Body of Knowledge on developing useful enterprise architecture and establishing EA teams.

The TOGAF Series Guides and material in the TOGAF Library provide the guidance to use the Fundamental volumes of TOGAF.

TOGAF 9.2 Body of Knowledge

TOGAF Body of KnowledgeWe consider the TOGAF Standard to contain enduring concepts that are universal.

By configuring the TOGAF standard we have developed high functioning EA Teams in Finance organizations, Manufacturing firms, Professional Services companies, Academic institutions, Government Agencies, Telecommunications conglomerates, Defense Departments, and Digital Platform.

The TOGAF 9.2 Body of Knowledge covers the transition from universal to unique. Different documents cover the spectrum from universal concepts to emerging ideas. Within the formal TOGAF Standard, TOGAF Fundamental documents provide the essential scaffolding, and TOGAF Series Guides that provide stable best-practice guidance on common application. Outside the formal documents of the standard, the TOGAF Library holds leading edge method, approach, and technique.

Beyond the Open Group's TOGAF Library, Conexiam Navigate and other specialized guidance. In our practice, we liberally adopt methods, approaches, and techniques from other professions. We vociferously suggest that you liberate everything useful to your unique circumstances.

The Open Group Standard Process

The upside of Open Group standards is confidence that they represent stable best practice. The process ensures a formal consensus of The Open Group Architecture Forum's 300 member companies. Every member has a voice and an opportunity to contribute.

The downside, formal standards publications like TOGAF Fundamentals and the TOGAF Series Guides take time. They need to be proven, stable practice.

The TOGAF Library and private publications like Conexiam Navigate provide emerging ideas. point support to specialist, new, or emerging aspects of enterprise architecture.

The core of the TOGAF Body of Knowledge is the Enterprise Architecture Practitioners' Guide to developing enterprise architecture.

Open Group TOGAF Library

Curated collection of method, approach, and technique material useful to enterprise architects.

Conexiam's Curated TOGAF Library

Conexiam consulting's most used TOGAF Body of Knowledge documents

TOGAF 9.2 Knowledge Base Supports Enterprise Architects

Every enterprise architect faces the challenges of developing useful enterprise architecture. Only then do they face the problem of how to document the architecture.

Developing Useful Enterprise Architecture

The bulk of the TOGAF Body of Knowledge is supports developing useful enterprise architecture.

The foundation of all guidance is the Enterprise Architect Practitioners' Guide to Developing Enterprise Architecture. Chapter 3 and Chapter 6 set the stage.

Chapter 3 covers the Purpose of Enterprise Architecture. Sections explain Why you would develop an Enterprise Architecture, What is an Enterprise Architecture, and How to Use an Enterprise Architecture.

Chapter 6 is the Approach to the Architecture Development Method (ADM). Sections cover Key Architecture Development Activity:

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Requirements Management,
  • Trade-Off Decisions,
  • Phases B, C, and D—Developing the Architecture

The Integrating Risk & Security guide is the next most important document. Every enterprise architect has an accountability for Risk and security. We are accountable to reduce the uncertainty of reaching our objectives and improving security.

From here on, look in the TOGAF Body of knowledge for guides that apply to your work. Guidance for digital transformation, enable agile development, or business architecture.

Documenting the Enterprise Architecture

Today the Open Group's TOGAF Library is thin for documenting your Enterprise Architecture.

We suggest you start with Avolution's ABACUS. Our post Why we use ABACUS speaks to our selection of ABACUS to document and analyze enterprise architecture.

We maintain Conexiam Navigate, and a set of Navigate Atlas covering specialized purposes, like project and portfolio management (PPM), road mapping, governance, risk and compliance (GRC), business process improvement, service architecture, information architecture, and integration architecture.

When we proposed the future structure of TOGAF it was clear the TOGAF Standard had to support specialist material. They designed the TOGAF Body of Knowledge structure to extend from universal to unique.

Conexiam's EA Community and free enterprise architect downloads extend the TOGAF Knowledge Base.

TOGAF Body of Knowledge

TOGAF 9.2 Knowledge Base Supports Establishing EA Teams

The Leader’s Guide to Establishing & Enhancing an EA Team sets the stage.

Always start with the purpose of your EA Team (Section 3.3), and the boundary of your enterprise (section 4.1 & 4.2). Section 3.3 discusses the patterns of architecture you will optimize your EA Team to support. Our EA Capability Consulting has identified four pairs which provide natural resting places.

  1. Portfolio and strategy
  2. Portfolio and solution delivery
  3. Project and strategy
  4. Solution Delivery and failure or frustration

Portfolio and Strategy EA Team Purpose

An architecture team that has a primary focus on portfolio and a secondary focus on strategy succeeds very well. In fact, this is probably the single most stable resting place for a high functioning enterprise architecture team.

We design this team to support the central problem facing all stakeholders what to fund.

Portfolio and Solution Delivery EA Team Purpose

An architecture team that has a primary focus supporting portfolio and a secondary focus on solution delivery has one challenge. They cannot take solution delivery issues into the portfolio support. They must ruthlessly focus on portfolio concerns and drive them into solution delivery. They also must carefully manage time.

Project and Strategy EA Team Purpose

A very common pattern is to have an architecture team with a primary focus supporting project in the secondary supporting strategy. We will focus their strategy work on major change initiatives - switching between the strategy and the execution. These teams must be very nimble in their work effort.

Organizations with high enterprise agility will have EA Teams focused on Project and strategy.

Solution Delivery and Failure

Probably half of all EA Teams have a primary focus supporting solution delivery. These teams have the shortest lifespans in the highest degree of personal frustration. This is not a natural resting place. As is a failure pattern. This is an unstable element. Like all unstable elements, eventually it will break down. It is impossible to provide meaningful value as an architect when your engagement starts at solution delivery.

Conexiam spends half our time developing EA teams. We provide scalable additions to the TOGAF Body of Knowledge from DIY tools to Predictable EA Engagements.

TOGAF 9.2 Body of Knowledge

They maintain the TOGAF Body of Knowledge documents at different life cycles. Fundamental documents are enduring, stable, universal concepts. They change rarely. TOGAF Series Guides provide proven, stable, and enduring best-practice change slowly.

Emerging practice documents in the TOGAF Library will appear and disappear. If they last, they will migrate into becoming more formal guides. Material that the Open Group does not curate, like Conexiam Navigate, are published, supported and maintained by their organization.

The TOGAF Body of Knowledge ranges from stable fundamental concepts to emerging practice. Explore the TOGAF Library and Conexiam's free resources to help you be a better architect, or enhance your EA Team.

EA Team Leader Resources

Download the EA Team Leader's Guide. TOGAF Series Guide on establishing a high-functioning EA Team.

Download the guide to Establishing a Government EA Team. The industry standard guidance on establishing an EA Team to support a government transformation project.

Download the EA Capability Reference Architecture. Foundation of establishing a high-functioning enterprise architecture team.

Explore other Conexiam resources for enhancing your EA Team.

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